Brian Wilson is a Toronto based photographer and producer, and project manager, who draws visual inspiration from art and pop culture, helping him craft and compose authentic lifestyle and portraiture shots. He documents candid life moments that resonates with the viewer, providing an intimate look through his eyes as a creator. When he isn’t behind his camera, Brian prides himself in working with photographers and advocating on their behalf to help accelerate their career in the industry. He has worked behind the scenes in photography production as a project manager for a number of years, defining himself as a seasoned pro with the ins and outs of the commercial photography universe.


Snapwire, 500px, Airbnb, Agoda, Trivago, Magik Hands Massage, Cangrad Studios, Tourism Toronto, Videofag, Fab magazine, Pride Toronto, UNIV ERSE studio, production of Sheets, Blog TO, Fully Disclothed, & Personal Portraiture for many clients. 




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